Roosters and Games

We were rudely woken at 5:30am by the rooster once again. We consumed our breakfast at 7:00am and relaxed till 9:00am and then we headed to church.  After an excellent service we got to know some of the people. My Dad swung by for church and lunch which consisted of 5 chickens and some great tasting mangoes.  After lunch we tanned/burned (Josh rocked the pony tail).  All the youth jumped into a tricycle and headed back to the hotel – a little packed but quite a bit of fun.   We are now getting ready for the Angono youth group to join us for dinner, games and a swim.

Matthias Nickel

We spent the whole afternoon with the Angono youth. The first thing we did was getting to know each other’s name; we then played some games like: the boat is sinking and fruit basket. I was their translator from English-Tagalog and vice versa. After that, the youth went swimming and we had our snacks (spaghetti and tasty bread). The spaghetti was really delicious. I’ve got to know most of them; they are so nice and easy to get along with. We all became “close” friends in a short time. The first thing I have learned today is to have a good relationship towards other people.   It was really exhausting and hot but it was all worth it. It is a blessing to have this opportunity to get involved with the lives of the other people.

Jobelle Llavore =)