We've Arrived!

Hello church, family and friends!

We had an extended daylight savings by 8 hours!! Our flight from Vancouver to Seoul Korea was 11 hours followed by a 4 hour layover in Seoul. It was 11:30pm in Vancouver time, we then boarded Asiana Air and had a 4 hour flight to Manila, needless to say, we arrived in Manila very tired but thankful to have arrived here safely. Jobelle, Tito Jun and Lolo Dan were here to pick us up, grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed to our hotel where we had a debriefing and prayer time and crashed for a few short hours.

Up at 6:30am, thankful for the roosters who were used by God to awaken Nick, Josh and Matthias from a deep sleep. Had a wonderful breakfast, we ate 3 bags of pandesal, the boys consumed 2 bags to themselves, the Nutella is a big hit (thanks Lisa N.). We had our devotions this morning, then travelled to the market by tricycle to pick up some food. We came back to hotel from the market and proceeded to conquer three chickens. We then participated in a organized basketball tournament (Nick had height advantage). Tomorrow we will be attending church and will be participating in the youth program.  One of our team members will be sharing their testimony.  


Pastor Garry