Graduation and Street Food

The team woke up this morning at around 7 and after a quick breakfast that consisted of the cereal brought from home we headed to the Angono National High school for the graduation ceremony. We attended this ceremony because gifts were being donated to a few of the graduates and also to support some of the church youth who were graduating. After this incredibly long event which seemed to include a thousand students we headed back to the resort.

When we returned we all just hanged out for a little while until PG called us all for a devotion time. He spoke to us on being slow to speak and quick to listen. This was something we all knew we needed to work on and one thing we would need to successfully connect with other people.

Around 5 pm we headed down to Laguna De Bay, and bought some Filipino BBQ food which consisted of Fish balls, Chicken heads, intestines and pork. Josh , Laarni and all par took in eating the chicken head for the first time. Matthias was a little to chicken to join us. Along the way home we picked up 3 chickens and some balot. Upon returning home we would devoured all 3 chickens and Josh Laarni and I would try the balot, which didn’t taste as bad as it looked. We didn’t use any utensils for dinner - the way the Lord intended to be. After eating most of the team headed for the WIFI area of the resort and will be going to bed shortly as we have an early rise tomorrow morning. The leaders are making us go to school tomorrow and it starts at 6 am!