Our main activity for this day was to hand out pamphlet promoting for medical clinic which took us 4 different areas in the Angono area. The place that we had visited was extreme poverty and its heart breaking to see people struggling. I had to go to the “C.R” also known as washroom but nothing was available and the locals directed me to the side of the building which I am grateful for. Pastor Garry took a picture of me but I don’t think he will post it. The reason we are here is to reach out people to provide the less fortunate with their basic medical check- up and dental service.  The last place that we had visited was heavily populated and it was kind of unnerving.  The last thing we did for this day was we went for an enjoyable boat ride on Laguna De Bay and we ate some pig intestines and chicken head and feet. And we once again ate our dinner which is roasted chicken from Baliwag store.  I am so  glad to be part of this group. WE ALL MISS YOU TICC CHURCH!!!

Love in Christ,

Lolo D.