Medical Mission

Today is the reason why we came here in the Philippines. To begin with, we woke up at 7am and to prepare for our medical and dental mission. After 6:30am, there were 100 people lining up and waiting. By 9:30am the place was packed by people. The first thing I did was organizing medication and when the clinic opens up at 9 am I was assigned in the circumcision. This experience was very challenging but I did my best to hold their arms down and I did my best to talk to them because some kids were scared. We had three tables set up and each table had two kids to get circumcised. It was hot and tiring day but it was a real honor for me to be part of this team and I am very impressed with doctors and dentist. We are truly blessed to have medical and dental services in Canada. I will no longer take this services that we have in Canada for granted. Tomorrow, we are going to church and my dad is preaching and by 3pm we will be having a feeding program.

Josh Bruce

(P.S I miss my mom <3)