March 29, 2013

March 23, 2013

Much has transpired in the last two weeks and it has been a joy to work with the team God organized this year.  We have spent the last three days in beautiful Boracay.  This was a time of rest and relaxation after a busy nine days.  Our day began at 3 am in order to arrive on time for our 6 am flight but it was delayed by forty five minutes.  After we landed in Boracay, we took a hour and a half bus ride, followed by a 20 minute boat ride to the island of Boracay.  Boracay is truly a paradise in the Philippines:  the long white sandy beaches, the warm turquoise water and the hot sunshine every day.  We took a boat around the island and on the east side the waters were quite choppy and one of our team members got a little sea sick.  At the north part of the island we moored onto a nice beach and went for a swim.  The boys enjoyed the waves that were coming ashore.  On our way back to our hotel we were able to see Manny Panquio’s summer house.  Unfortunately, he never waved us in for lunch!  We left Boracay on March 28th, and it was a long day of travel as our flight was again delayed.  Kevin Manalo picked us up from the airport and then his grandparents who took us to the Mall of Asia for a wonderful dinner and fellowship.  It was a great evening and our team was very grateful for Kevin and his cousin who drove us back to Angono!   

Each year, I wonder how things will come together:  the correspondence  of communicating between the leaders her in Rizal and with us in Vancouver; the logistics of being able to connect to wifi;   the challenge of raising enough funds to cover medication and feeding three hundred people; the importance of creating a strong spiritual unity among the team; the responsibility we have as leaders to pray that each and every one of us would be changed and that God would give us a bigger picture of how we can serve Him more effectively.   As I have reflected over these past weeks, I’m grateful to God for the opportunities He has given us to be His instruments in reaching out to others.

I also want to express grateful for my church and their commitment to sending people each year to L2G.  Through your support you have made this mission trip successful.  Thank you for loving people and doing your part in the great commission.  On behalf of the team - Salamat TICC!  I’m also aware that others have also contributed to our mission’s trip, I personally want to say thank you.  

Tomorrow we will be home and Matthias, Josh and Nick who were very popular here.   Everywhere they went people stared at them.  At first, I thought it was me!!  I don’t want to be negative but their feet will touch down in Canada and the popularity they have received in the Philippines won’t be the same in Canada.  It was an honour for to have had this chance to be involved in a mission’s trip with my sons.  It was a privilege. 

On behalf of the team I want to express our gratefulness.  Thanks for making this trip possible.

Pastor Garry